Instrumental Research Project: A new instrument was born


Lecture with Live Performance

In contexts of interdisciplinary arts practice, musicians have always found new sounds. The most famous example is John Cage and Merce Cunningham with the prepared piano.

But pianists are dependent on places where there is an instrument. Often there isn’t. Some of them found a solution for that, working with the bass string frame of a grand piano in combination with electronics. Some use toy pianos or piano parts, or they create completely new instruments. There is this wish to play and to produce acustic sounds everywhere like other musicians. In order to achieve that, some piano artists find their ways of performance.

I did too. I created the “Kanunpiano”. It is an exotic instrument: A persian zither (Kanun) combined with keys of an upright piano. So it can be used like the insidepiano, as well as the hammers on the strings, which can also be prepared. Because of hooks under the strings, it can also be tuned in many microtonal colours. It is played in interdisciplinary contexts with dancer outside and used to make sounds for nature films.

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